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Capstone Class

Luca P. Trevellin


My name is Luca Trevellin

I have been a part of the PLTW engineering pathway since the 7th grade, where I have learned and studied engineering basics, as well as, more specific fields such as mechanical, aerospace, and electrical engineering. I have built solar-powered RC cars, coded and built an elevator, as well as designed circuitry for clocks and other electrical devices. 

This being my final year I can't wait for the challenges that await me. Competing in the JPL Invention Challenge and creating my final project addressing a serious issue present in our world today are challenges I am ready to face head-on. I hope during this year that I will further my knowledge of engineering in fields I have and haven't yet experienced. I do hope to focus on mechanical engineering, as for one I am applying to schools under that major, and I feel it would give me fundamental tools to branch out into other fields of engineering.

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